Siloh comes from the word silhouette. A silhouette has shape, texture, and movement that evokes different emotions and meaning for each person. Just as a painting or a sculpture inspires and moves people, I believe floral design is a way to cultivate beauty and art and awaken memory, affection, and wonder.  A silhouette is also a shadow.  I believe all beauty, art, and design are just shadows of something greater - a truer, richer, fuller beauty. The hope of Siloh Floral Artistry is that people are inspired and moved to dream just a bit more.


Liz is a dreamer at heart and constantly inspired by travel, nature, music, and a good story. She loves working with elements that are alive and changing because they continue to push her to imagine and to wonder.  She started designing flowers seven years ago and has never stopped learning. A Colorado native who loves a good cocktail, dinner with close friends and salsa dancing.